Managing Documents

Centralized access to datasheets and other relevant documents.

Ensure the right people have access to the right documents and associate these documents with their respective deals with a centralized repository for all your sales collaterals.

Benefits of a Document Management

1. Full Document Management within CRM

Having a document automation platform integrated with your CRM, you get the privilege of handling the communication activities and processing documents in a single window.

Create, access, and edit all of your files from the CRM system. Use the stored in it contact information to immediately share the produced papers with your colleagues and clients. The regular update of the document status in the system makes it easy to track the work progress.

2. Reduced Time Spent on Document Creation

Facilitate your business processes by reducing the time spent on producing documents. With the integration, gone is the need to manually insert the case-specific information into a template.

The relevant data from a CRM system, including information about contacts, products, and pricing, is automatically populated into the designated fields in your document.

3. Workflow Automation

Forget about scanning documents and transferring them to your colleagues and clients via email. With an integrated system in your office, you can send all of your papers for approval or signature directly from a CRM system. All the required contact information is already stored in it, making sharing an easy activity.