Education CRM

Education CRM systems are software applications means to automate and manage communications with current students, employees, alumni, etc.

There are many more processes handled by the CRM, the most important ones are the applicant and inquiry management, student communication, admission notifications, enrollment management, analytics, and reporting.

Why educational industry need CRM

It is a software application used to automate and handle communication with current students, employees, and alumni. All this work is done on a single system. Every connection with customers is tracked by the customer relationship management system in one place. With the help of customer relationship management software, you can take feedback from the customers, department, and students. Each interaction with your customers is tracked by the customer relationship management system.

Why choose INDSAC-CRM for educational purposes?

INDSAC-CRM is best for its services. It is a smart decision to access some businesses. In the educational field ether, it is a school or college, the load of work is more. It is always a question of how they manage the record of students, staff, and other employees in a perfect way. But the customer relationship management system solves this problem easily.

Features of CRM For Educational Organization

1. Centralize students' information. This keeps all the data of students, staff, and admission records in one software.

2. Manage student inquiries and courses enquired.

3. Manage student's enrolment information

4. Maximize student's admission efficiency

5. Mange whole marketing and students admission lifecycle

6. Run emails, SMS marketing, and information campaigns to attract the students

7. Manage the facility data

8. Secure way to run the business

9. Cost-efficient

10. Real-time reporting and analytical reports

11. Use education customer relationship management system on the desktop, phone, and tablets