Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication industry consists of companies that make communication possible worldwide through mobile phones, the internet, cable, or wirelessly. It allows people to communicate using words, audio, or video from any part of the world to any part of the world.

The leading companies in the telecommunication industry are satellite companies, internet service providers, wireless operators.

The telecommunication industry includes various sub-sectors such as wireless communication, ad-hoc network, mobile ad-hoc network, domestic telecommunication services, processing products, and systems. Mobile Ad-hoc network is the fastest growing sector in the telecommunication industry.

INDSAC-CRM for Telecom Industry

CRM in the telecom industry can serve as a powerful tool to increase sales and improve customer engagement. CRM software systems developed by our team for telecommunications companies with competitive ability by supplying the tools to identify and withhold profitable customers.

The power of INDSAC-CRM for Telecoms lies in its ability to make life easier for users. CRM for Telecoms is a user-friendly system dedicated to helping customer service representatives build unique and personalized customer relations. Navigating in data is streamlined for rapid and logical access. The telecom industry is spreading fast! Innovations are being discussed every day. INDSAC-CRM brings innovations to help the telecom industry.

INDSAC-CRM solution for the Telecommunication industry

Handle customer interactions comprehensively

Use one single tool to manage business processes such as task management, lead management, contact management, etc.

Analyze Your Competitors

The telecom industry is extremely competitive. The competitive analysis provides you with complete information like brand equity, distribution channels, post-purchase service, etc.

Sales forecasting

A CRM provides a telecom company a future overview by analyzing the historical data and performance of the company in previous years so, the telecom company to prepare for future tasks.

Minimizing the Risk

The managers can benefit from this feature and they can have a look at all the interactions between a customer and their employee to rectify any problem the moment it occurs.

Instant Feedback

A CRM provides the sales manager a chance to track and analyze the individual performance of every sales individual. An instant feedback function improves their performance.

Streamline document handling

By using CRM ready product produces a complete and fully consolidated set of functions to handle all types of documents. This includes controlling customer contracts, bills, collecting letters.

Workflow management

CRM incorporates a workflow management engine to assure that promises to customers are kept, avoiding errors and customer complaints down the line. It handles critical business methods including order management, sales management.

Expand Business

It helps employees cultivate leads from seminars, conferences, trade shows, and webinars. It helps generate leads from email lists and website visitors. It allows managers to forward those leads to salespeople so that follow-up can be done immediately.