Transport Industry

The transport industry is one of the largest types of business industries.

This industry deals with the movement of humans, things, and animals by various modes of transportation.

The main modes of transportation are air, land (Road and Rail), and water. The transportation industry makes up the largest part of any country's economy.

CRM Solution for Transport Industry

Transporting management software is a necessity, because of the continuously growing demand, and thus, a growing number of customers. Such industry as travel and transportation implies a variety of transfer services that should always be fast, safe, and simple.

We are providing CRM solutions for global transportation services and travel agencies. No matter what kind of services you provide, we develop CRM that would make your company reach new heights.

We Provide You

Centralize Customer Information

Transportation enables the company to centralize and share the information it has about customers. Your sales representatives will have a complete view of their contacts.

Monitor business activity

With our CRM for transportation, integrated reporting tools (dashboards, etc.), managers can monitor the activity of their teams.

Boost sales productivity

INDSAC-CRM solution for transportation, your sales team can avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks and focus instead on high value-added tasks.

Automated information updating

CRM helps benefit business profitability by focusing on timely updating customer information and fast order processing. It also allows organizing efficient shipping and delivery of goods.

Ensuring safety of shipments

A customized CRM system can have integrated with electronic databases to provide information about the current status and location of goods and materials.

Manage customer complaints

In the transportation sector, customer complaints are a sensitive issue. CRM following up on customer complaints and processing them is fast and consistent.