Core CRM Features


Contact management

It allows users to segment their contacts into groups to organize and better cater to them. With this CRM feature, you'll be able to gather crucial customer data and bolster your marketing strategies when introducing new products. It also improves the personalization of all contacts with customers, making them feel important and catered to.

Task Management

Customer management is tightly coupled with employee management. If you want to serve your customers better, first manage your employees better. If a customer's request is pending for a long time because your employees do not know who should work on it, it will never improve the customer experience. It is important to assign and complete tasks within time and budget. Using CRM, a business can automate the task management process. It creates and assigns tasks among employees based on their skill set, availability, location, etc.


Lead management

Manage the process of converting prospects into potential customers (leads) by identifying, scoring, and moving leads through the sales pipeline. A lead management tool makes the process more efficient. This removes burdensome manual entry tasks and creates the freedom to increase productivity.