E-Mail Integration


Email integration in your CRM lets you automatically capture your messages to and from your contacts to your account.

INDSAC-CRM automatically associates all e-mails with their respective customer records, so you'll never have to comb through a mountain of messages to send your next round of follow-ups.

These tools offer you a wide variety of additional ways to engage with your customers and subscribers at different points in the campaign...

Benefits of E-Mail Integration

1. CRM makes the outreach highly appealing due to collecting prospects personal data, creating a holistic view of a prospect, and crafting e-mails based on it.

2. CRM has pre-designed email templates, which allow customers to create visually appealing branded messages.

3. Saves any documents attached to an email to the company account record.

4. Synchronize in real-time so your team will always see the latest correspondence.

5. Automatically create new customer support cases from incoming emails.

6. Automatically capture e-mails to and from your CRM contacts to your activities timeline.


INDSAC-CRM email integration for complete transparency
of every interaction across your team.

Automatic Email Capture

Our email integration creates a history of every interaction with your prospects and customers. Your system automatically captures your incoming and outgoing e-mails and stores them in your account activities.
The -emails are stored in chronological order, with a summary grid letting you select what information to display and store any attached documents.


Email Attachments

The CRM will store any attached documents to the email record. This might be your proposal documents, meeting minutes, quotations, or images. The volume of documents stored is determined by your CRM price plan.

Real-time Sync

Email integration works across the email accounts of all your CRM users and all your CRM contacts. As it synchronizes in real-time, you'll be able to see all the messages to and from your customers, along with other activities, whether you're in the office or out on the road.


Email status updates

INDSAC-CRM informs you when your e-mails were delivered if they've been opened, and when they were read. You can also use advanced filters to identify leads who haven't responded within a certain time frame as well as leads that are responding well and are ready to close. This analysis allows you to strategically plan your follow-ups for maximum benefit.

Email Templates

Templates are a quick, easy way to free yourself from the tedium of drafting e-mails. Design a template to suit your business, or choose from our gallery of handpicked templates and customize them with text, images, tables, and columns. You can also get reports to find out which email templates had the best open rates and which ones failed to click.