Sales Automation


Sales Automation is a powerful tool to increase your sales and revenue, boost employee productivity and eliminate redundancy from your business processes. It employs the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, which offer you a deeper penetration into the purchasing intent of your customers.

Sales Automation is an excellent tool to create customizable workflows automatically, and reduce time spent on manual or repetitive tasks.

An interesting and crucial benefit offered by Salesforce automation tools is customer and market intelligence that comes with sterling reports and analytics related to your customers.

Benefits of using sales automation

1. Salesforce automation plays a crucial role in motivating your sales team, keeping them informed in terms of the entire supply chain data, and enabling them to make smarter decisions.

2. Salesforce automation offers seamless integration across devices without compromising organizational security.

3. Managers can get actionable insights into real-time data and act accordingly.

4. It improves overall productivity, keeps the motivation high, boosts range selling, and increases market coverage, all the while empowering you to make smart sales teams.


Focus on the right Sales Automation for Faster Growth

Digital Ordering

They have access to real-time stock and delivery data that enables them to make better sales pitches.

Measure Productivity

These metrics are accessible to the sales reps. Hence, they can self-assess themselves and improve their performance gradually.

Sales Goals

Using this feature you can set periodic targets for the sales reps and compare them against their achievements to measure productivity and efficiency.

Instant Customer Surveys

This helps you understand anything and everything wrong with your sales strategies, and revamp them accordingly.

Catalog Sync

Salesforce automation in India allows your sales teams to display a digital product catalog that is continuously synced with the main server in real-time.

Predictive Analytics

The predictive analysis allows your sales reps to suggest orders based on the specific point of sale history and enables them to offer a seamless purchase experience to the distributors.