Save time with INDSAC-CRM powerful automations

Contact Management

CRM systems allow salespeople to create contact records and store prospect and customer information in a database.

Task Management

CRM system that includes task management capabilities sales peoples increase their workflow and keep on top of their follow up.

Sales Automation

Sales automation takes all the repetitive, manual tasks performed by sales reps and managers, and automates them. Sales automation helps you track contacts, manage opportunities.

Sales Forecasting

A CRM software predicts your future sales based on data from your current pipeline. You may need to alter your marketing plan based on the sales forecast.

Reporting & Dashboards

Create customized reports as interactive pie, bar, and line charts. Export reports as PDFs or Word files. Utilize dashboards and reports for management, sales, marketing & more.

Lead Management

Lead management is the process of capturing and nurturing leads as they move through your sales pipeline along with the sales representatives and converted into a sale.

Email Integration

Email service in an INDSAC-CRM helps keep your sales team organized and productive. They can integrate their calendars to schedule appointments and engage prospects and customers accordingly.

Opportunity Management

It provides opportunity tracking so you'll always know the details for each prospective sale, and allows you to review forecasts in real-time with detailed reports., dashboards and lists.