Task Management


Task management is the process of effective allocation and distribution of tasks in an organization for increased professional and personal productivity.

This involves the proper management of various customer relationship management (CRM) functions and more abstract sales.

It helps in scheduling various tasks that come across service, sales, contact center, and other marketing functions.

Why do you need to manage tasks?

1. To make sure that we get things done, in time.
2. Make sure that regular tasks are not missed.
3. Measure the efficiency of employees.
4. Bring in accountability of the team.
5. Bring focus to your job.
6. Organize your organization.


How CRM helps in Better task management

1. CRM Notifications

1. When the task is completed.
2. If the task is pending.
3. Automatic escalations to higher management, as per configuration done.

2. Activity Logging and reporting.

1. Per hour cost of all the team members is already entered in the CRM.
2. So when team members perform any kind of activity for any module, we can get the time and cost analysis easily.
3. Also, logging activity is very simple, just a single click on the CRM interface.

3. Tracking employees

1. We get all the details about the activities done by an employee.
2. Not just the quantity of activity done, but also the quality and timeliness of the same.

Benefits of using task management

1. With the help of Gantt charts, it helps you monitor your progress and mark milestones to keep your project on schedule.

2. Helps you to organize, assign, and prioritize tasks using color codes, all from a single platform.

3. Allows you to set goals, keep track of deliverables, and manage deadlines.

4. Eliminates the need to remember all tasks yourself and keeps you on track with timely reminders.

5. Customizable options help you work with what you find comfortable.


INDSAC-CRM Tasks Management Feature

The tasks management feature allows you to create reminders in your customer accounts that sync with your calendar. You can set up tasks for yourself or assign them to one of your team, and also send an email reminder. You can set up recurring tasks. Once a task is completed it will automatically be added to the activities timeline in your customer account.

Setting Reminders

Easily set reminders for tasks synchronized with your calendar to never miss a deadline and have a proactive approach.

Assign Tasks

Set a task for yourself or assign it to different team members or colleagues across the organization.

Email Integration

With email and CRM integration, you can manage all your communication through a unified platform.

Map Out Your Workflow

This will make it easier to understand which tasks are completed, what needs to be done, and how different strategies will help you. You can also automate recurring tasks such as follow-ups from customers, different task alerts, and updating databases.

Stay on Top of Your Day

A timeline of tasks can also be maintained for each customer or employee in the CRM software. Hence, just when a task is completed, it will be automatically updated so your team can focus on the next important task.

Seamless Data Management

Stay updated with the current projects/leads/etc and keep track of performance by having a holistic view of the pipeline through your CRM dashboard. Having easy access to data makes it user-intuitive and enables users to derive actionable insights.