Operational Management


An operational CRM is designed to improve routine business operations and securely store data on all your business activities with customers and prospects.

CRM features enable businesses to measure, analyze, and tailor the customer journey in real-time.

A centralized system that supports the sales, marketing, and customer service functions within a company that stores information on customers, leads, and employees using a shared interface.

What makes operational CRM different?

1. Primary Functions: Sales, Service, and Support.

2. Perfect for customer-facing functions.

3. Connects marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

4. Automates many functions including scheduling, follow-ups, and contacts.

5. Facilitates customer self-service functions.


Operational CRM help you add a personal touch
without the personal effort.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

An operational CRM provides all this data and more, so your customer service team can have a holistic view of the customer's relationship with your company.


Increase Revenue

Operational CRMs are known to produce more than $8 of value for every $1 invested in them. At an 8:1 ROI, you can't go wrong with a CRM for your business. Scaling your sales team and giving them tools to sell and close better will undoubtedly increase your company's revenue.

Increase internal communication

When an organization has access to the same information it puts them all on the same field, playing the same game. The operational CRM's ability to capture, store, and disseminate data makes it a great tool for inter-departmental communication and information sharing.


Maximize up-selling
and cross-selling

Operational CRM starts capturing your customer's data from the first touch-point and it maintains those records through the life-cycle of the customer, logging each sale, contact, and issue. This sets up your sales team for the perfect up-sell and cross-sells opportunities. With purchase history available to them, sales reps can use sales tactics tailored for each client.