Inventory Management

Inventory management system controls and tracks a company's inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries. It helps in identifying the right amount of stock to order.

The inventory management system is confined to managing the critical back-end business operations such as billing and shipping details, purchase history, accounting information, financial data, and supply chain management details whereas the CRM software deals with the front end business operations such as recording the customer details and customer interactions with the company, tracking of sales, managing the sales pipeline, as well as creating the marketing campaigns.


Why CRM Integrate with Inventory Management System

If your business manages inventory data as well as customer information on two different systems. Is it becoming difficult for your team to access the important inventory information in real-time? Are your billing operations and status orders getting delayed due to inaccurate inventory data? Do you miss valuable customers because of your poor customer service?

Then, it's high time to integrate the inventory management system with existing CRM software. Earlier, businesses used to handle inventory management as well as CRM software as two separate systems.

Indsac Inventory Management

Request and track online payments

Send online payment requests to customers, which after being paid, reflect against their outstanding invoices in the Indsac payments module. Quotes and invoices can also be seen by customers by logging into the private customer portal.

Manage all orders from one location

With business the way it is today, speed is everything. With Indsac Inventory, you or your team can create, modify, and track the status of sales orders directly from inside the app and associate those orders with your products or services.

Manage Products, Services, And Vendors

Indsac inventory management system captures all information about products and services, including serial numbers, pictures, descriptions, prices, stock numbers, and more. Link those to vendors for quick purchase order creation when stock is low.